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Spider Control Services

Spider control Services
Spiders are active hunters and rely heavily on their bites to paralyze and kill their prey before consuming it. They also bite in self-defense. While many spiders will never attack animals larger than themselves, some exhibit a rather aggressive behavior and will stand their ground when approached by larger animals. Most spider bites, however, occur when humans unintentionally press up against spiders and receive a defensive bite. On rare occasions, spiders may make prey mistakes and bite a human finger or other body part as though it were a caterpillar or other such insect.

Spiders are of two kinds,few like staying on wet or damp areas and few can survive in only in dry areas.They hide in dark places only. They feed on small or tiny insects and larger ones also feed on smaller spiders itself.

Females have a sac from which emerge the spiderlings. The male spider jumps and dances to attract the attention of the female spiders. But mating is a dangerous task for the male spiders since after the mating they can become food for the female spiders.

The spiders have eight legs and two body segments and found to be ten thousand varieties in number.They do not have chewing mouth parts but have digestive enzymes which can break down the pray to make them digestible.

They form webs which are very strong enough to cut a finger. Their webs create a mess in the house holds and many insects get trapped in it. Spider also create allergic diseases with their excreta.
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