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BED BUGS are small, brownish, flattened insects that feed solely on the blood of animals. The scientific name of bed bug is Cimexlectularius and it belongs to order Hemiptera. It is cosmopolitan pest usually found in human habitation. Body length of bed bugs is ¼ inch; rusty red to brown in colour, adults are oval in shape with flattened body.

Bed bugs feed on blood of human being. A cold weather can give them strength to stay even without a meal. They are found to active at the time when the host is asleep. They are found in cracks, mattresses, sheets, furniture, electrical outlet plates and also picture frames. They travel from room to room in hotels with the visitor’s luggage and belongings such as purses and cases.

Females lay five eggs per day.In a life time they can lay around 200-300 eggs.With normal room temperature and adequate food a bedbug can survive up to 300 days.

Bed bugs can be signed by first seeing them naked.They are visible and look like an apple seed.Secondly they shed skin and which can be seen by naked eye.

Thirdly the stringent bites.Their bites can cause red and swollen belts on the skin.It is very itching and rupturing.They also give a very bad smell on their existence
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