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Ants Control Services

Ant Control Services
Ants are social insects which are related to wasps and bees. More than 12500 out of estimated total 22000 species have been classified. Ants have the ability to exploit resources and have conflicts with humans, as they damage crops and invade buildings. Ants range in size from 0.75 to 52 millimeters and vary in colour such as black and red. Some ant species are considered pests because of the adaptive nature of ant colonies, eliminating the entire colony is nearly possible. Pest management is therefore a matter of controlling local populations instead of eliminating the entire colony and most attempts at control are temporary solutions.

Ant control can be beneficial act to you and your home since they cause headache with some of its acts. Ants can enter from the most tiniest cracks or opening due to their smallest size. From seeking water or greasy food substances in the kitchen pantry or storerooms,they enter cause mess.

Each ant leave an invisible chemical trail containing pheromones for other ants to follow the way to food source. They do not have a specific place for their shelter. They can stay anywhere and everywhere they like even in the electric switch boards and cables, even under the foundations too.Each colony of ants count to a number ranging from 300000 to 500000. Worker ants live for around 7 years and the queen ant can live up to 15 years.

Self-ant control can eliminate the ants on superficial and also only for a short period. Few truly effective control treatments can penetrate and destroy the nests to prevent them from reaching them to their nests. Home remedies are not effective in destroying their existence from the roots.

A professional pest control service department can observe the stages of the breeding and eliminate them to the earliest.
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